The War in Ukraine made us enter a New Era

A Ukrainian military vehicle speeds by on a main road near Sytnyaky, Ukraine. (Marcus Yam)

Few people seem to realize or recognize how far the Ukraine-Russia war is not a random regional conflict but has implications on a world scale.

The War in Ukraine made us enter a new era, and it is astonishing how there is so little speech on this.

The Russian army is finally one of the worst armies in the world

First of all, everybody is acting as if they had never thought the Russian Army invincible. Almost nobody made a bet on Ukraine for this conflict, and those who would have bet on Ukraine before the war would had be treated as complete clowns by roughly everybody. Ukraine was supposed to lose in a 48 hours long catastrophic rout. Everybody prepared for this, no matter everybody is now feigning non-surprise.

For all those who forgot or even didn’t know about the Russian defeat in the First Chechen War against a one million inhabitants country, the Russian Army was thought of as an undefeatable and unstoppable tank column ravaging everything on its passage. But now, the entire world can see it was nothing but conscripts in steel coffins.

A blasted Russian tank.

A punch in the face of slavophobia

The Russian invasion allowed the Ukrainian people to show extreme bravery and tenacity in the defense of their country, which burst all the “same people” narrative saying that Ukraine is the same people as Russia with no consideration for history or for the self-determination ethnic right. In the mind of lots of westerners, a Slav is a Slav, a Slav is some sort of Russian, it is normal that they fight for the sake of fighting between two vodka contests with bears, and it is the fault of NATO if some Slavs don’t want to be part of the big globish Russian Empire.

Today, almost nobody can say this without feeling a little stupid. The Ukrainian Furia in the defense of their country is the most valuable pillar of what makes a people different from another, no matter their blood links. The will of being free and independent unequivocally makes a people detached from another.

Even better, we can now all understand that the underdevelopment and apathy of the inhabitants of ex-soviet countries is not an inherent biological trait of Slavs, as a lot of western slavophobes think, but is due to the concrete constant threat that Russian authorities are posing on their neighbors. No people can possibly blossom and reach prosperity, dignity, and happiness with such an international bully at its gates, ready to destroy their city if they dare lift its head outside of the water, and constantly sponsoring corruption at every level of the state. The Russian state is the reason for East European underdevelopment, and nobody can deny it no more.

Police officers detain a man during an anti-corruption rally in central Moscow in 2017 (Alexander Utkin)

Anti-occidentalist agitators are now looking like low-grade Russian bots

One of the most valuable positive outcomes of this ignominious invasion is that our anti-occidentalist agitators specialized in sedition, occidentophobia, conspiracy theories, low-intelligence populism, and attacks on occidentalist Human Rights have now definitely lost their cover.

In the next thirty years, we will assist a long and deep hunt for the Russian propagandist agents and the establishment of a counter-Russian propaganda cancel culture, because the war in Ukraine had taken away all the benefit of the doubt we had granted them.

This war made the Russian threat impossible to be ignored by public opinion, while it was seen until now as the persistency of an old paranoid Cold War spirit. Anti-occidentalist agents are always paid or unpaid agents working for Russia, and they will finally be treated like so. Most of them already know it and are taking refuge in the burrow of fake neutrality and in the bush of the comfortable position of whataboutism to maintain hate against NATO and Russia impunity.

“Imperialism” is no longer a rallying keyword for fueling americanophobia and hatred against democracy, freedom, and Human Rights. We had all seen how Russia want to pursue its imperialistic campaign of annexions in Europe. Russian imperialistic national-globalism is a real thing, not a Eurasian underground internet trip. Lots of people mocked Hillary Clinton when she evoked the influence of Russian bots in the US elections of 2016, but we are progressively realizing how even discovered face influencers are paid or free human bots at the service of Russia.

The reign of moral terror by hypocritical fake imputations comes to its end

Lastly, the Russian attack on Ukraine revealed that even the most immoral attack on a free country can be motivated by fake moral concerns about hate among one people. A French proverb says “If you want to kill your dog, accuse him of having rabies”. This is exactly how ethnophobia works : pretending the hatred is deeply rooted in a people, to justify its subjugation. The people of Ukraine were accused of being Russophobic and nazis because they dared to want to breathe outside of the Russian diplomatic strangulation.

We just saw the most threatening and aggressive nuclear power justifying the ignominious bombing of Ukrainian civilians by calling for the denazification of the Ukrainian people. We saw an entire country bombed because a tyrannic power decided to call them nazis and get away with this.

This is a caselaw in the history of europhobia : a people of Europe have been called nazi and bombed because of nazi ghosts among it. This is exactly how anti-occidentalist insiders have been operating since the beginning of the Cold War : by pretending that the Occident was filled with hatred and needed to be dismantled. To break western countries, Russia indirectly funded all sorts of social infight between communities, racial minorities, or religions. It is even endorsed by some of their ideologists. For decades, Soviet intelligence officers concocted spread stories like for example the one pretending that HIV and AIDS were developed by the CIA as a bio-weapon as a way to keep down nonwhites.

Coat of arms of the KGB

The best is to come

Investigations against corruption and searching to understand how some politicians had been able to bullshit the European Union to make it depends on the Russian gas with no energetic sovereignty while bashing countries with nuclear plants supposedly for the sake of ecology.

There will be investigations on the influence on social unrest in our countries, and a hunt for its propagation agents.

This is only the beginning and the extreme tip of the iceberg of what we are going to discover.



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