The Depopulation of Our Countries is Just a Passing and Elon Musk Shouldn’t Worry Too Much About it

“At risk of stating the obvious, unless something changes to cause the birth rate to exceed the death rate, Japan will eventually cease to exist. This would be a great loss for the world.” — Elon Musk, May 7th 2022

Elon Musk manifested several times his concern about the depopulation of our countries. He is totally right to state that humankind is far more threatened by under-population than over-population, while underlining that we shall not put all our eggs in the same basket by staying on Earth. For sure, our cradle must not become our coffin.

But while one can perfectly understand it is aimed at the anti-human bigots who command humans to stop having children, we must realize that rich countries need to have this low-fertility transition in order to be ready for the next civilizational step.

As a matter of fact, the fertility rates are low because there is no more need to have children in order to have manpower for the crops and be able to eat even when too old for work. Children are no more a fatality for people who hate children or who only love themselves. The modern laws don’t allow or incite anymore the abuse, mistreatment, and neglect of children, so they are no more the punching ball they used to be back in time. They are only a loss and a charge for children-hating people.

Then, there is no surprise that fewer people make children and that people make fewer children. And this is a good thing.

We don’t need no natalist policy

Our liberal social system no longer favors people who were only having children without choice or by the urge to be seen as socially compliant.

Today, people who want to have children can have children, and people who don’t want to have any have no imperative to procreate.

Our liberal system is self-purging itself by erasing the genomes of the egocentric, the children-haters, the lazy, the unmotivated, and the agapist universal-fuzzy-love-thing cultists.

More and more, beginning in rich countries but spreading to the rest of the world, the people having children will only be the people who like having children.

And this liberal-eugenist phenomenon will make non-volunteers self-destroy. We don’t need no natalist policy. It would hinder the good effects of this liberalism-based natural selection, where people chose not to replicate their low energy and low motivation hereditary syndrome.

Material necessity or christian conservatism forced too many people into having children they didn’t want. Volunteer depopulation is a chance for humanity. Entire lineages of people having children by self-coercion — and inevitably making children pay for it — are collapsing, for the best and for the sake of humanity.

If you don’t believe it, then you don’t believe in genetics and Darwin. Our temperament is genetically determined, to a certain extent. Look how the taste of sugar is desired by everybody. In a few generations, if we don’t force anyone to have children and if we manage to assure birth control, the love for children and the true desire to have children will be in most human hearts.

Less abused children mean fewer crimes

No more humans forced to pay for their very existence on Earth because of parents who didn’t want them to birth, or who wanted them just as trophies in their social parade. Today, having or not having children doesn’t give you medals. Nobody cares.

French statistics show us that people from large families tend to have far more chances to have a large family on their own. Fertility is about culture and genetics. The decline of people who don’t want children is initiated. Before our eyes, the anti-children persons are self-purging from humanity, on a voluntary basis.

Some people think we are too many on Earth ? Very good. Nobody forces them to have children. They can lead the way.

Conservatism is the mental disorder making us deplore things that need to be done, and believe we must force humans to live, or they will suicide. They claim the drop in criminality is a result of the construction of more jails.

It is not.

Criminality decreased almost only thanks to birth control. Less undesired children mean less abused children. Less abused children mean fewer crimes.

The best is to come

Humanity doesn’t need natalist policies. Humanity needs space for life-loving people, and a kind authorization to stop existence for the ones who are not comfortable with life and transmission to our descendants.

The more people stop reproducing over the short term, the highest fertility rates will be over the long term.

To save humanity, let’s allow the anti-children accomplish their destiny to disappear without maltreated progeny.

Let’s do nothing and let them pursue their dreams of nothingness.

This will heal humanity and propel us to the next step of civilization.



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Yann Meridex

Yann Meridex

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