The Concept of White Supremacy Plays the Dangerous Game of Racial Worthism

From a trick to condemn whiteness instead of christianity to a toxic idea spread by Russian bots in order to raise ethnic tensions

Yann Meridex
4 min readApr 17, 2022
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The attack of Russia on Ukraine is a universal opportunity to reconsider seriously the unheeded warnings about Russian western-oriented propaganda.

We begin to accept that Russian bots are intoxicating the public debate by voluntarily promoting opposed lobbies in order to increase racial tensions and civil disorder, following a well-known strategy that they openly claim.

So today is time to talk about the braindead concept of White Supremacy.

White antiracists think they found the hack of the century with the concept of white supremacy and its little brother and synonym white privilege. It claims that everything that a white christian did wrong is inherent to his very whiteness, never his christian ideology is to blame.

White antiracists claim that the minorities they use as a human shield definitely need them and their providential concept of white evilness — I mean supremacy.

In fact, what they do is just to assign a race to some ideas and values, and to restrict these ideas to this race. In their essentialist way of thinking, there are good ideas, which belong to everyone, even if they have been created by Europeans, and bad ideas, which are white supremacy : white supremacist because bad, and bad because coming from whites.

It looks a lot like the scariest definition of the catch-all term of racism, doesn’t it ? Well, antiracists find it normal to assign some races to some inherent immorality. For example, for the white christian Breivik with a crusader cross on the cover page of his manifesto, killing mostly white teenagers in order to make muslims convert to christianity and turn their first names to christian saints' names is not christian supremacism to our white antiracists genius, it is the inherent evil whiteness in this crusader terrorist that drove him to do this. What a fantastic scapegoat.

If you are not okay with that, you are a white supremacist, aren’t you ? How can someone say something is not white supremacism without being a white supremacist himself ?

When a white antiracist doesn’t like something, it has necessarily some roots in white supremacy. Every white has to think exactly like this new clergy is preaching, to be saved from their awful hereditary criminal whiteness. It is a good reason for everybody to listen carefully to these new antiracial priests in order to get salvaged.

Not only do they blame whiteness to save christianity in the most ridiculous way, but it works. Nobody is outraged. Nobody resents them. Because if you do, you are a white supremacist too ! Like those bloody Ukrainians refusing to be liberated by their Russian Saviors.

It seems that the whites must be shamed to protect christianity. It seems that racial hate needs to be whitewashed to save the ideology behind it.

Which was the first known successful ideology to bring the belief of hereditary worthism, that is the creed that a biological origin is associated with a certain morality, and that even the best entity of the world can curse all the descent of someone for eternity ? The same religion that justified the appropriateness of slavery of Afro-Americans, considered by the bible as the shameful cursed descendants of Ham.

The holdall concept of white supremacy is part of the racial worthist system of belief. It designates no more than the ethnic evil deeply rooted in every white bleached by the christian anti-ethnic ideology, ready to spring up from those whites who move away from Jesus Christ.

White antiracists are so profoundly worthist that they dare condemn racism (racial worthism to be precise) by doing exactly what they denounce. Following their line of thought, white people have hereditary immorality that only the meticulous deconstruction of their ethnic identity can save them from.

The use of the concept of white supremacy to erase the christian nature of the worthist oppression is not only weird, it is also the scary and slippery idea of race-based moral value, toxic white guilt, and the return of the christian sin of hereditary moral leprosy.

Nobody can be naive enough to think that the idea behind this mad idea promoted by Russian bots is intended to help minorities…

The exclusive focus on whiteness is a bad joke that we should mock for the sake of humanity, crafted with the intent of adding fuel to the fire by keeping alive the racist-worthist ignominious idea of a moral hierarchy behind human races.



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