New Defeat of Marine Le Pen : Russia Lost its General in French Political Campaign

Emmanuel Macron has been reelected for 5 more years with 58,5% of ballots

Yann Meridex
3 min readApr 25, 2022
The definitive results of 2022 French Presidential Elections

Marine Le Pen is an official fulltime anti-occidentalist agent

As Macron said during the French presidential debate before the final round of the election, Marine Le Pen can’t defend the Free World’s and France’s interests because she is funded by Russian millions, if not directly paid to be Putin’s puppet and apologist.

Marine Le Pen’s program in international relations was clear : sabotage against the Occident, against OTAN, against the E.U. and against the link between France and the USA.

During the debate, she even said that no European people did exist and that she wanted to slowly weaken European Union for the “Europe of Nations” project, which means scattered nations in Europe, under Russian control. In addition to her total financial dependency on Russian money, she is almost officially submitted to the Kremlin’s will and Russian interests, this is a secret to no one.

Emmanuel Macron is a better actor against islamism than Marine Le Pen

First, we have to realize that Marine Le Pen is a lot closer to islamic retardation than Emmanuel Macron. If islamism is really the concern of someone, Macron is a lot more occidentalist than her supporting Putin crusade against the free world with Chechen jihadists raping Ukrainian women and children. Marine Le Pen is the shortest path to Russian islamo-orthodox sharia, and it would have been catastrophic proof of weakness for the French people if they were enough stupid to give her their votes.

Emmanuel Macron has shut down and proscribed the islamist association of CCIF (Collective Against Islamophobia in France) and Baraka City. He worked against coranic schools, shuting them and attacking what he called separatism. He increased police recruitment and the French Army budget. Plus, during his presidential mandate, there has been far less islamic immigration than all the presidents we knew before in France.

There is a lot of illogical attacks against Emmanuel Macron, but accusing him to favor islam and immigration is really something absolutely nonsensical.

We have a lot more chance to avoid nuclear total war with Macron than we would have got with Le Pen elected

The election of an anti-Ukraine candidate like Marine Le Pen would have been a signal of weakness to the eyes of Poutine, which would have helped to convince him to go further in his attack against the free world, because of the projected image of disorganized and scattered countries instead of a western persuasive block.

Macron is perhaps the only western president to have Putin’s respect. The French president talked a lot with him and served as a negotiator and mediator between Ukraine and Russia. He has a key function in this dangerous conflict. His failure to be reelected would have been a big loss for peace hopes.

Putin congratulated Macron on his victory and wished him success. They had no talk since the Bucha massacre. We can have the hope that this reelection by western loyalists against anti-occidentalists dissidents will slowly but surely put a term to this insane war.



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