July 17 : The Day of the Crack in One of the Biggest Christian Lies

Because crusades never saved anyone from islam

Yann Meridex
2 min readJul 17, 2022
The Sack of Constantinople in 1204 CE (Palma Le Jeune)

Today July 17 is the day of the beginning of the siege of Constantinople by catholic crusaders in 1203, which led to the Sack of Constantinople (1204), the dreadful culmination of the Fourth Crusade.

According to Geoffroi de Villehardouin and Greek historian Niketas, for three days, crusaders looted and burned Constantinople, raping and massacring its population. The butchery went so far that it shocked a part of the crusader barons. So many art pieces were destroyed, damaged, or melt for their metal.

After the city’s sacking, the Byzantine Empire was dismantled and most of its territories were divided up. The Byzantines never managed to reclaim their former territorial or economic strength, and the muslim factions would have conquered Constantinople two centuries before 1453 if they had not been delayed by the invading Mongols who took Baghdad.

Why is it so important to know this ?

Because one of the most ignorant and disgusting hoaxes of all times that allows christianity to remain praised in the West today, even by European atheists, is the complete lie claiming that “Christianity has been a rampart against Islam”.

Christianity legitimates itself historically by pretending to be a rampart against islam, and islam does the same on its side.

  • It is christianity that led Byzantines to neglect the military dispenses.
  • It is christianity that destroyed the Byzantines and opened the door to the later Ottoman Conquests of Southeastern Europe.
  • It is an official crusade that factually allowed islam to penetrate Europe and gather resources for its own ethnocidal holy war against European natives, but also towards the East against the pagan natives of Bharat.

If christianity had been of the slightest use against islam, this religion of hate and submission would never have had the force to invade India and slaughter 80 million Hindus despite their fierce and heroic resistance.

Christians were, already at this time, the terrorist enemies both of the Europeans and the Hindus.



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