How the Islamic Paranoia Toward French Simple Soldiers was used to Camouflage the Mainstream Pro-Russian Betrayal by French Officers

And there will probably be no discourse on this disgraceful plot twist

Yann Meridex
3 min readMay 2, 2022

For years in France, conservative fearmongers weaponized the totally understandable paranoia toward islamic terrorism in order to put the blame on our army for recruiting muslim Maghrebis and more largely make people believe that conservatives were really caring about national security. As a former sergeant in the Armée de Terre, the French Army Ground Forces, I must say I never saw any of my muslim colleagues having suspicious behavior. What I find really suspect is the complete absence of public discussion about the massive russophilia — and even putinophilia — amongst French superior officers and senior officials in charge of international relations.

Even when Maghrebi policemen and soldiers were targetted, harmed, or killed by jihad terrorists — remember Mohammed Merah’s targets and the policeman killed in the streets following the Charlie Hebdo attack — we still regularly endured poor conservative analysis of how the French Army was screwed because it had a certain number of simple soldiers of the islamic faith.

January 7th 2015, police officer Ahmed Merabet was murdered by the terrorists who had just attacked Charlie Hebdo (Wikimedia Commons)

Of course, the islamic ideology is a real threat that must be taken seriously, but having muslim soldiers is not riskier than letting muslim pilot planes or drive trucks. So what ? This fear was clearly shifted by conservatives into some 5th column myth resulting in the sentiment that western armies are weak, that the conservatives care about our security, and that muslims in the French Army are the only problem among its ranks.

However, it totally puts aside the widespread betrayal of French officers brainwashed by passive Russian propaganda. While simple muslim soldiers generally don’t even have the armory keys and a potential terrorist won’t do anything worse with a gun than what a random man can do with a vehicle, French officers are consciously or unconsciously intoxicated by the Russian point of view, geopolitical nihilism, or the fear of being out-of-date with an obsolete Cold War understanding of international relations.

I can only give one manifestation of this phenomenon in the press, which is the tip of the iceberg : the Director of the French Military Intelligence has been fired for his “bad analysis” of the possibility of the launch of war by Vladimir Putin and the Russian authorities’ purpose. By “bad analysis”, we must understand conscious or unconscious sabotage of our intelligence because of Russian intellectual propaganda that has rampantly infected European strategic military schools for years.

This officer disease putrifying the head of our armies and institutions is a totally different kettle of fish than the religion of some footmen. And I have never read anything about this issue.

We must not forget that the French Army is one of the last strongholds of the French Nobility, and that their feeling of declining social status makes them open to every anti-occidentalist temptation.

The conservative whistleblowers are the conscious or unconscious agents of the Russian propaganda : they don’t care about national security, and they intoxicate the European countries with “sovereignist” ideas, which is the direct promotion of a non-aligned position between the Western block and the Russian block. These ideas are poison, and they are nothing more than fearmongering satellites of the Kremlin pretending that we are weak, islamo-corrupted, and too “feminized” to even continue to exist on its own.

Everything changed since the beginning of the War. There is no discourse on this, but surely a slow and discrete replacement of Putin’s puppets in our institutions, and it’s enough to make me smile.



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