Elon Musk is About to Prove that Harassment Was Part of the Anti-Freedom of Speech Plan

Yann Meridex
3 min readApr 30, 2022

The islamo-christian left is sweating hard because a part of them knows this

This Elon Musk’s tweet was written on July 4th 2020

Elon Musk is buying Twitter to liberate the power of the de facto world town square from the grip of the Saoudian Kingdom and their woke christian peers.

Their entire virtual social dominion is ripping apart. They are posting articles foreseeing swarms of locusts, the end of democracy, and scenarios between an eternal nuclear winter and the comeback of Hitler.

And they dare act like they are concerned with harassment. What a joke.

Not to mention the tolerated accounts entirely dedicated to revenge porn and appeals to violence against minor victims from disadvantaged communities that I reported in vain for three years, while political contents were treated by increasing censorship, suspended accounts with no incriminated tweet.

Not to mention the cases of several French teenagers receiving thousands of death threats for blasphemy with no action from Twitter moderators. A teacher was beheaded in France because of this kind of tolerated hate.

I will never forget that the precious moral left massively tolerated harassment in order to push people to desire political censorship. Leftist preachers everywhere are telling us you need to censor freedom of speech in order to fight harassment. But they never took action against actual harassment. Instead, they used it like ultraconservative agitators who cynically need immigrant crimes to gain money and influence politics. We have a word for that in French : pompier pyromane, pyromaniac firefighter.

Not only does Elon Musk think that harassment can be fought without attacking freedom of speech, but he even affirmed that we precisely need to fight harassment if we want to enforce freedom of speech.

This is totally opposed to what the leftist leaving staff was always expressing by asking for more and more censorship to “protect the freedoms of everyone”.

Actually, they were addicted to using the power of deciding who had the right to talk and who had to be silenced forever, who had the right to socially exist and who had to be hit by their new era damnatio memoriae with retroactive rules leading to retroactive effects.

They detained the keys of the virtual Bastille where they could imprison social souls by lettres de cachet with their arbitrary suspension decisions. They could extra judiciarily annihilate your right to speak in a snap and make you a nonperson.

But unanimist ideologies need a unanimous society. They lose when they fail to convert everyone or erase all traces of difference.

They tried so hard to break the fabulous potential of Twitter and turn it into an echo chamber of their inflated self-injurious woke retardation.

Now they lost their social justice dispensation privilege.

They won’t be able to do it again, and their kingdom is collapsing.

They will have to make their own “Left Social” Twitter imitations.



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