Banning Metaphysical Worthism will be the Final Step of Humanist Progress

The future of humanity depends on our intellectual courage to question ourselves about the well-foundedness of monoracial moral imperative and its real hidden purpose — Photo by Rene Bernal on Unsplash

Metaphysical worthism is the overbelief that the entire humankind is divided between worthy and worthless existences.

First step of humanism : the rejection of literal christian theism

Worthism has been inoculated in European psyche by christianity. European humanism has been nothing more than the secular reaction of European psyche against the wicked christian overbelief of a two-tier humanity where the worthy christian zealot has the god-given right to exploit or destroy the worthless infidel.

Worthy christian Saint Georges slaying the worthless pagan dragon

Historical humanism has always grown in opposition to worthism of christian theism. It grew during christian reign just because the christian worthist gruesome vision of humanity needed to be counterbalanced. Jesuitism was the name of the regenerating jump from theistic worthism to a more and more secular humanist antiworthist vision. During the 19th century, the term of humanism began to be used to qualify the non-religious approach to life as antithesis to christian theism.

Second step of humanism : the avoidance of communist amputation

During the industrial transition to the capitalist era, secular humanism was a matter of life and death. Not only, humanism saved western Europe from social retardation, but it also protected it against communism. Arrierate theocratic serfdom monarchy of Russia was the only responsible for the Communist Revolution plague.

“What basically is the russian regime, this sort of living anarchronism in modern Europe ? Tsarism is nothing more than a patriarcal theocracy, disguised by the necessity of the time and the neighbourhood influence in a military and bureaucratic monarchy.”

French historian Anatole Leroy-Beaulieu, Tsars Empire and the Russian 1889

Feudal christian slavery called “serfdom

In western Europe, the christian bourgeoisie was facing the increasing delegitimation of their class privileges and social position because of the rise of secular humanism. This is where fascism and biological nobility theories take roots.

Worthist counter-attack of fascism

Members of the counter-revolutionary christian white bourgeoisie create multiple theories to justify their domination over white proletarians. Among them, a French count named Joseph Arthur de Gobineau published in 1855 An Essay on the Inequality of the Human Races.

Comte de Gobineau

Soaked in catholic faith, Gobineau followed the biblical division of the race. He reaffirmed the christian creationist doctrine that all human beings shared the common ancestors Adam and Eve. He regarded the Arabs as being of mixed stock, partly descended from Ham and partly from Shem, and the Africans as the mixed descendants of Ham who, according to christian anti-humanist theology, wore the sin in the color of their skin, or some afrophobic yahvic-style horror like this. From Middle Ages and American slavery, christians had always considered Ham to be the ancestor of all Africans. But Gobineau didn’t write a christian essay. He wrote a how-to-do manual inviting christian white bourgeois to use pseudo-scientific rational arguments to spread it in the dechristianizing world to justify their privilege.

Because An Essay on the Inequality of the Human Races is far more than a treaty about white biological supremacy. It is a book whose purpose is to exploit the total military and technological white hegemony in the 19th-century world in order to use the white people power as a populist flattering trojan horse to diffuse christian aristocracy supremacism : at the top of all the white races, he crowned a European imaginary race of supermen named “Aryans”, inspired by his fantasms about Hindu mythology and supremacist tales of medieval christian nobility.

Illustration from the 19th century US magazine Harper’s Weekly, depicting the Irish with ape-like facial features and attributing them an Iberian ascent to implicitly bond them with supposedly some biblical Ham ancestors

The essay knew a so intense success in Germany and in particular near the inspirators of the nazi racial policies like H. S. Chamberlain, that Gobineau wrote two other essays to form a trilogy. Everywhere, Gobineau promotes the same belief in an international “master race” degenerated by miscegenation and expresses the same profound despise for the people : the truly “inferior race” in his universe.

So, white bourgeois racial hate has always been a christian aristocrat supremacy over despised degenerate and inferior races. This theory of diverse inferior white races, combined with the historical christian hate of European jews, slowly and surely prepared the place for the mass extermination of white jews (Final Solution) and white slavs (Generalplan Ost), resulting in millions of deaths of Europeans.

Worthist ethnophobic monoracialist synthesis

Even after the millions of deaths caused by biblically founded worthism with the benediction of the highest christian authorities, christianity is still not a problem, nor than its worthist metaphysical vision of humanity.

In 1959, more than 14 years after the discovery of the death camps, the Catholic Church even decided to finally remove the expression “perfidious jews” (latin : pérfidis judǽis) in the Good Friday prayer for the Jews after more than a thousand years of traditional catholic jews hatred. They of course now pretend pérfidis only meant unbelieving, not perfidious, it’s up to you to judge of their bad faith.

Christian scholars rapidly drew mind-blowing pseudo-historical preaches like what atheism, paganism, anthropology, pride, whites, and the word race were the only ones responsible to blame for nazism. Worthist christians took profit from the fear of a nuclear war against the URSS to give us a brand new lesson of superficially secularised catechism.

The Cold War allowed overfunded christian Hollywood propaganda through peplums to slay soviet state atheism : here Emperor Nero in Quo Vadis (1951), depicted as degenerate, totalitarian, and cruelly anti-christian to draw an obvious parallel to the dictators of the Soviet Union. US traditional motto “from many, one” even became “In God We Trust” in 1956 under a law signed by President Dwight D. Eisenhower

Being proud of one’s ancestors began to be guilty of something morally synonym of a plan of genocide for the rest of humanity. It was a very good opportunity for christians to seize for trying to demonize paganism and ethnic spirit under the spectrum of nazism.

White christians even decide, in spontaneous coordination with their muslim religious colonial brothers, that the one billion Hindus they couldn’t convert by force during their occupation would be prohibited from ethnic pagan pride, because pride is a christian capital sin and the world ethnocide is not complete if the Hindus remain Hindus.

In short, after centuries of ethnocides, ethnoreligious cleansing, and diffusion of biblical founded racial hatred, approximately-secularized christians decide in a lot of countries to criminalize the existence of races, or at least to demonize ethnic pagan pride all around the world. You have to see only one human race, divided between worthy monotheists and worthless pagan “racists”.

In order to protect this worthist division of humanity, they twisted the memorial work about the nazi genocides into a secular-washed crusade against race.

Christian fake humanism was born, with his 3 commands : one shall be colorblind, one shall only see uniform humans, and one shall forget about all kinds of ancestry pride above all.

Antiracist ethnophobic christian humanism finally saved all kinds of non-racial and non-recognized worthist hatred. Secular christians decided who were the protected ones (infantilized and muted minorities, paganophobic muslims…), and who had to be persecuted (Hindus, white unbelievers, and pagans…) in the name of monoracial humanity.

The so-precious idea of people who deserve to live and people who don’t earn to exist on Earth was still.

The very problem of the worthist overbelief had been replaced by the muleta lure of a global issue of Racism.

The final step of humanist progress will be a battle against this massive ethical fraud and against metaphysical worthism.

No more antiracial ethnophobia under the name of “antiracism”.
No more system of values classifying people as having or not the right to exist.
No more authorized hate system of billions of people uncovered by the secularized neochristian self-proclaimed paragons of morale.

Let’s ban worthism, not ethnic pride.



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