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Paying lots of money for a product doesn’t mean you are not the product

Yann Meridex
4 min readFeb 21, 2022


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Success stories are maintaining people in wage slavery because they are often nothing more than products of consumption for sophisticated slaves. Nobody can’t be amazed by the number of books dealing with success and the religious nature of this phenomenon.

Nowadays, since the elites of our societies are no more considered as superhuman god chosen race, a lot of them need to explain why their money, success, and power make them so exceptional, which legitimates their position and justifies the fairness of their domination on others.

Therefore, some of them write good tales about success and good legends about how they earned the right to be successful only by their merits in a perfectly retributing world. In other words, poorly recycled christians write self-cult bibles to sanctify themselves to the eyes of ordinary people.

By writing their own success scriptures, the rich turn their familial inheritance into personal genius and epic capitalistic-based fictions. Their millions of dollars magically turn into direct human superiority. If someone has transformed 5 million into 6 million, he gained 1 million, so what is your excuse, non-millionaires scum ? Maybe someday some poor zealot will write how he gained 1 dollar from 5 and write a story about it, and it will become a bestseller, who knows ?

Success tales are blessed expectancies falling as charity from the richest to the poorest like cascades of contempt behind a smile. Symbolic class violence at its best.

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Success religion pyramidal system

Self-humiliation and hope are not contradictory but a powerful cocktail of unlimited domination : the Church has proved it since its beginning.

Of course, all these books are not wicked nor vicious, and some can probably be very of great use. However, everybody should recognize the success of how-to-succeed literature as a religious phenomenon and ask themselves what they want to do : pushing their will into action, or just praying the holy success scriptures and trying to convert others to their faith ?

Because success believers are everywhere, and they try to spread the good word of their rich masters, even if they never tried to apply it to them. Some of them even become predicators, writing fake success tales to get power, money and glory. Success is a twisted pyramidal system, where the hope of success had become another consumer good, and the only tradable thing in these circles.

If someone really wants to succeed, he will have to recognize the nature of this.

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Others’ advice is a comb for a bald

The most spontaneous common thing we encounter in life, far from success zealots, is poor advice from your relatives. If you listen to them, advice from relatives will almost every time be something giving you the potential of ruining all your projects and strategies.

The best tips are almost never formulated as advice. To know if you have to take some words into consideration, you should ask yourself :

1 - Does this person know something in your domain of competence ?

2 - Does this person know what kind of constraints you are struggling with ?

3 - Does this person is specialist or successful with something ?

4 - Does this person care about your personal success and want to have an idea of what your dreams and your ideal life can possibly look like ?

5 - Does this person just repeat random things from some success tales and seize the opportunity to feel like master Yoda ? “Listening to my unsolicited advice and making me feel wise and interesting, you will.

If so many people give advice or write books about their success, it is because they experience a social sense of success when you read or listen to their advice distributed as charity. It is not mean but it is toxic.

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Advisers, apply your advice

This religion of success is a diversion from your real path to success. I don’t know where you can succeed, what are your skills, and I am no master-adviser-predicator preaching success to the humble ones.

I just give to you this friendly warning, to spare your time and mind.

Paying lots of money for a product doesn’t mean you are not the product.

Success is not just a prayer nor a pastime. And success is not the same for everybody, it can look very different from one to another.

Good luck with your personal quest for success.



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